A Little Info

Blue Pine: One of my favorite materials is blue pine. The blue in the wood is actually from the mountain beetle that lives in the tree and releases a fungus that kills the tree where it stands. The trees are harvested for wildfire suppression and built into something new and beautiful for your home.

Hardwood or Softwood: Since softwoods have large grain they and can be cut apart more easily. Thus bacteria seeping inside and causing food borne illnesses. A hardwood cutting board will have smaller grain and not split as easily keeping you safer from pathogens. Even fruits and veggies can harbor bacteria, remember to wash your cutting board after every use to keep you safe!

Reclaimed Lumber: Our Essential Oils Holders are all made from locally sourced reclaimed lumber. We prefer this method of turning something old and dying into something new and beautiful. A little sanding and some fresh finish gives these trees new life all over again.